Max Wells – Maths

Fully qualified Mathematics Teacher with QTS

Max Wells – Maths

Fully qualified Mathematics Teacher with QTS


I am a qualified Mathematics teacher with a few years of teaching & tutoring experience. I have a bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from King’s College in London and i have taught students studying different exam boards at GCSE & A-level.

I have been teaching at King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford since completing my PGCE. I worked full-time for the first 4 years but began to extend the amount of private tutoring that I was doing outside of school. I went part-time two years ago and I am really enjoying the blend of teaching in school as well as having the time and scope to tutor privately, as well as working for online companies to provide web classes and Seminars for A Level and GCSE Maths.
In 2019 I started working for remotely and conducting web classes over zoom. I am very well-resourced and confident in this field. Having set up a business in this field, I was strangely prepared for teaching online at the time of the pandemic. In the Spring and Summer terms of the 2019-2020 academic year, I helped facilitate a great deal of the A Level and GCSE Maths teaching for my school online as I was already geared up for the unprecedented situation and changes with education. In September 2020, I dropped down to 3 days at the school and increased the amount of private tutoring I was conducting, building small groups, whilst still teaching 1:1. I am very grateful to my school for allowing me to do this as I feel that the two different pathways to education complement each other incredibly well. The opportunity to work with students on a 1:1 basis has strengthened my class teaching without a doubt and vice versa; being part of a strong mathematics department has enabled me to keep my finger on the pulse with changes in education.
Over the past 6 years, I feel very fortunate to have been able to start my career in a challenging, pivotal and transitional time for education (and the way of the world)! I love teaching and facilitating learning in an interactive way and I am very grateful that I have been able to maintain a blend of classroom-based face-to-face teaching, 1:1 remote teaching, and group tuition online. Having tutored privately in person, I strongly believe that the process is enhanced with the use of technology and it’s a change I have embraced. Tutoring in person with printouts and limited resources is something I have moved away from and I believe that facilitating learning over the internet with access to endless interactive resources has allowed me to bring my teaching to life more!
I am also pleased that I began teaching before the A level and GCSE exams reformed in 2017. This allowed me to teach a course that I was familiar with from my own A levels, filling me with confidence in my own teaching style, to then working on new resources as the courses changed. I therefore feel I have a crystal-clear understanding of the demands, intricacies and details of the GCSE and A Level Maths exams and managing the further changes throughout the pandemic is an additional challenge I have really enjoyed.
Over the Easter holidays this year, I lead and presented a series of Crash Course Seminars for A Level Students. This was run as both an in-person and live-streamed event which took place in Regent’s University in London. I loved the opportunity to work with a large group of students both in a lecture hall as well as managing and troubleshooting questions that were being sent in from students at home via the livestream. The course was pitched at year 12 and 13 students and designed around the advanced information for this year’s A Level exams.
My confidence, drive and enthusiasm for maths teaching has continued to grow and I would love the opportunity to work with more students and have greater exposure to facilitating learning for others as it is something that I am passionate about and enjoy embracing the changes that are happening all the time. My own personal learning experience is something that I have enjoyed the most about my teaching career so far and hope this continues!
I am happy to tutor students from KS2 up to and including A Level Maths.

BSc (Hons) in Mathematics: King's College London - Upper Second Class Honours.



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  • AS
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  • GCSE
  • NAT5
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