Combined Sciences Tuition

At Science Clinic Private Tutoring we offer a range of tuition services aimed at providing learning and skills for Key stage 3 and GCSE/IGCSE levels of education. We work with your child’s current syllabus to ensure they receive expert tuition in a structured and fun way.

Qualified to teach Combined Sciences

All our tutors are properly qualified to teach combined sciences and lessons will be structured around your child’s level and to their required syllabus.

They are constantly updated and trained to keep in line with the national curriculum and any changes in educational standards.

We will cover the following topics in physics levels Key Stage 3 or Junior secondary and GCSE/IGCSE or Key Stage 4.

GCSE (9-1) Combined Sciences

Covering some of the following topics:


Biology: Cell biology, organisation, infection and response, bioenegtics, homeostasis and response, inheritance, variation and evolution and ecology

Chemistry: Atomic structure and the periodic table, bonding, structure and the properties of matter, quantitive chemistry, chemical changes, energy changes, the rate and extent of chemical change, organic chemistry, chemical analysis, chemistry and the atmosphere and using resources. 

Physics: Energy, electricity, praticle model of matter, atomic structure, forces, waves, magnetism and electromagnetism. 

We also teach the following specification:

Combined Sciences Required Practicals

Covering some of the following tasks:


Biology Trilogy:

  • Using a light Microscope to observe animal and Plant cells.
  • Investigating the effects of sugar or salt on the mass of plant tissues.
  • Testing for Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins.
  • Investigating the effects of pH on Amylase.
  • Investigating the effect of light intensity on Photosynthesis.
  • Investigating the effect of practice on reaction time.
  • Investigating population size.

Chemistry Trilogy:

  • Preparing a pure, dry sample of a soluble salt.
  • Investigating electrolysis of aqueous solutions
  • Investigating the variables that affect temperature changes in reacting solutions.
  • Investigating how changes in concentration affect the rates of reactions.
  • Investigating Paper Chromatography.
  • Analysing and Purifying water samples.

Combined Sciences Required Practicals Continued

Covering some of the following tasks:


Physics Trilogy:

  • Investigating Specific Heat Capacity.
  • Investigating the factors affecting the resistance of electrical circuits.
  • Investing the I-V characteristics of a variety of circuit elements.
  • Determining the density of Solids and liquids
  • Investigating the relationship between Force and Extension.
  • Investigating factors that affect acceleration.
  • Investigating the frequency, wavelength and speed of waves in solids and liquids.
  • Investigating how much infrared radiation is absorbed or radiated by a surface.

Subjects we cover

"We would like to pass on our feedback and show appreciation for Mr Hamalabi from Science Clinic Private Tutoring Ltd who worked with our daughter and improved her Chemistry & Physics skills in the run up to her GCSE exams He was only with us for a short time but the work he did in that short period of time was unbelievable. Kayleigh got A* in both subjects."

B.K. Thomas

“Thank you Science Clinic Private Tutoring Ltd for your prompt and efficient service. It was so simple, I wish we had found you sooner.”

C.H. (Colchester)

“Can't believe how quickly this has worked. I went on the Internet on 15th January and Chloe had a lesson today with Mr Hamalabi who is only 5 minutes drive away from us. We are so pleased and delighted.”

J.J. Brown

I would like you to know how delighted we have been with Mr Hamalabi who has provided home tuitions in Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry to my daughter for 3 years. She went from C grade at the end of year 9 to getting A*, A & A respectively in her GCSE.”

J.C. Paula

We are grateful to Mr Hamalabi from Science Clinic Private Tutoring Ltd for giving Tom confidence and for assisting him greatly in improving his performance to the level of getting A & A* in Biology, Chemistry & Physics.”

C.K. Tommy

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